Harold and Clara

Last Monday, I went to a wedding.  This wedding is the fourth one that I have been to this year.  My oldest daughter was married on June 30th.  My family was invited to the blessing of the marriage for our dentist and his wife.  Two of them I went because two of my daughters were asked to be altar servers.

I really wasn’t expecting anything profound from this weeding.  But God, in His infinite wisdom had other plans for me.  Harold and Clara are 85 years old.  Yes, you read that right, 85 years old.  Clara is  lifelong Catholic.  Not Harold.  They chose the “Creation of Eve” (Gen 2: 18-24) as their Old Testament reading, “Love is Patient” (1Cor 13:1-8) and the Gospel reading was “Salt of the Earth” Mt 5:13-16

Most young couples who chose that OT reading would choose it thinking that they have a long time to be companions.  Harold and Clara have chosen each other knowing that their time is going to be shorter rather than longer.  Patience with each other is needed whether you are in your 20s or 30s as well as when you are in your 80s.   But Salt and Light?

Who gets married when they are in their 80s?  How many couples do you know who have done that?  Fr. Charlie (my pastor) said that they are salt and light to the world precisely because they are in their 80s.  There is still value in marriage, even when you are 80 and past the passion of youth, so to speak.  There is value in marriage even when you are past your child bearing years.

In a time when we hear about older people not getting married because they might loose benefits, or just figure they are old enough, why bother, this couple chose to give witness to Christ’s love and to the covenant of marriage.

It was a beautiful wedding and I wish Harold and Clara a beautiful life together.


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