The Last Day of Summer

I have been down with a head cold for the last couple of days.  I haven’t really been paying attention to much.  We have done enough school work to call it a day.  Then, I have been napping, saving my energy to get up to make dinner for all nine of us.

This morning I was having a lazy Friday morning.  I remembered that the Shuttle Endeavor was being flown into Los Angeles this morning.  The Littles and I watched it being flown around San Francisco.  Then, we heard when it was expected to be in Los Angeles.  I made the decision at 11:05am to head down to see if we could see it come in.  We were in the car by 11:15am and heading down towards LAX.

We listened to a news station on the radio that was keeping us updated on where people were seeing it.  Thankfully, I had decided on a route to LAX that was going to take us near enough to Disneyland for us to see it.  Since we would be on I-105, I knew we would see the plane flying the shuttle in, if we could get close enough to the airport.  There was no traffic on the freeways.  I am pretty sure it was because people who wanted to see it, were already at places to watch it.  My intent was to get far enough to see it from the car.

Imagine our surprise when when my little guy shouted out, “There it is!”  It was behind us a bit.  It was so surreal.  You could see the plane, the shuttle and the escort planes.  We lost it for a bit.  I kind of felt like Maverick in Top Gun…”Do you see it Goose?”

As we were traveling, we saw people crowding the Metro platforms.  I am not sure if they are that busy at that time on a Friday afternoon.  We passed a couple of buildings that had people gathered on the roof.  Then a few more miles closer to the airport, we saw it, in all it’s gleaming glory.  It was beautiful.   There was more screaming in the car.  All five of us were so excited.  We had the camera and my cell phone.  “It’s right there!”  “Take it! Take it! Take it!”

The kids and I took horrible photos.  We will be able to find plenty of those.  We can say that we saw the shuttle on the last day of summer 2012.


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